What is One Wild Ride?

One Wild Ride is a limited-run, online only literary journal with stories about caring for our aging parents and those who raised us. It launched on September 22 and will run new stories weekly through Spring 2023. “Limited-run” means that, though publishing of new work will eventually stop, this site will live on in perpetuity as a single place to find short fiction, creative nonfiction, and hybrid work about this One Wild Ride at the end of life.

Who is on your masthead?

Kristina T. Saccone edits One Wild Ride. She’s a flash fiction and creative nonfiction writer and a caregiver for her mother. This is a predominantly self-funded, volunteer project with generous support from writers, readers, and others. Want to read more about Kristina? Check out her website.

About the anthology pitch

This online journal stems from Kristina’s vision for a print anthology of new, short literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and hybrid works about caring for our aging parents and those who raised us. 1/4 of adults in the U.S. in their 40s and 50s are caring for an elderly parent, and the numbers are similar elsewhere in the world. This anthology will express the joy, sadness, and meaning that we all find when flexing roles of both child and caretaker. Please contact Kristina if you’re interested in learning more about the anthology and/or want to publish it!

How to get involved

It’s one of Kristina’s goals to create not just a literary magazine but also a community of writers who are experiencing this One Wild Ride. Some ways to get involved include:

  • Share One Wild Ride with your friends, family, and networks
  • Share your favorite stories with your loved ones
  • Start writing about caring for your aging parents. If you’re on this journey, you have a story to tell too!
  • Keep an ear out for more classes from Kristina about writing on this topic, currently hosted by The Crow Collective. New workshops will be included in the weekly emails, too, which you can sign up for here.
  • Share your words! Though One Wild Ride will only be open for a limited time, there are so many amazing literary journals looking for stories like yours.


One Wild Ride is closed for reprint submissions. Sign up here to receive alerts about this and other opportunities.

Who did your cover art?

Laurie Marshall, writer and collage artist extraordinaire, created the cover art. Learn more about her here.