Visiting Time

by Fiona McKay

I take the long way round. I drive the coast road through my childhood and teenage years. When I reach the spot where I’m the one who makes the decisions, I pull over for a moment.

The wind is from the south and the sea is almost green. It has a churned quality to it.
The waves roll out; the waves roll in. I breathe in time to the water. I can’t go on, but I do.
The hours are 2-4. I arrive on time.

Maybe today will be a day you remember my name.

Originally published in Five Minute Lit. Click here to read Fiona McKay’s reflection on writing about caregiving.

Fiona McKay lives beside the sea in Dublin, Ireland with her husband and daughter. She writes flash fiction, short stories, and is also revising a novel. Writes with Writers’ HQ. Words in various places, including: Reflex Fiction, Janus Literary, Scrawl Place, Bath Flash, Lumiere Review, Lost Balloon. Supported by Arts Council Ireland Agility Award. Tweets about writing at @fionaemckayryan

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